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  • Black Bear


    This is The Great Black Bear. We have many animals that we love to see...from afar! This bear won't try to eat you or what's in your fridge! Around Pennsylvania this bear is kind of common. We see pictures of it in yards or swimming in people's pools all the time. We keep our bird feeders way off the ground if we're smart!  Bring this one home today or give as a gift to someone special you know will love it! 

    The second picture is the black front with the brown back. Let us know in the drop down box if you would like other colors than the Black Bear. We will gladly paint this the way you would like it.

    Made from 2 plates of 1/32" painted carbon steel. Several different shades were used on the both the top and bottom plates.

    Dimensions: 25" high x 20 1/2 wide. We have welded brackets on the back for easy placement.

    If you have an idea you would like us to make for you give us a call! 570-945-4129 8a, - 4:30pm M-F  EST