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  • Willow's Double Wing Butterfly in Blues


    We have some gorgeous butterflies that would so good flying around your yard. Landing on your trees or gracing the walls of your home. We put one on the corner of a picture of flowers in the living room and it looks so cute! They come in any size you want but we have three sizes ready now! So many different colors to choose from! This little one is 6 1/4" Wide x 3 1/4" High. Made out of 1/32" Carbon Steel. There is places underneath to attach this little butterfly with screws or nails so it won't fly away. So they can go just about anywhere! They can also be wired to plants or anywhere else you can think of! Custom paint is always available, so you get to choose Your favorite colors!

    Please call Harry or leave us a message in the Contact Area! You can leave and order or tell us to call you! Ask a few questions or a bunch! Our number is 570-945-4129 if you would rather talk to someone in person! 8:00 am - 4:30 pm EST Monday thru Friday !