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  • M.E.T.A. (Men Eating Tasty Animals)


    This is a custom sign that was made for one of the owners of M.E.T.A. (Men Eating Tasty Animals) It is not for sale except with permission from Bruce A. Thompson. You can contact him through facebook. Then he will contact us with permission.

    We like to show you what we have done so you can decide what you might like and get what you want.The way you want it.

    This was made with 3 plates of 1/32" Carbon Steel. 3 different colors and made the M.E.T.A.way. 28" x 20"

    The M.E.T.A. license plate has not been made yet. Will you be the first to order? Let Bruce know you would like one so we can get first one out to you !  $17.00