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Rabbit Medal Holder


The kids won ribbons at the fair! Need a place to showcase them? We have what you need. This can be made with any animal they show. Or any sport your child is into. We an do a grown up version also if you need us to. Your child's name will be proudly displayed along with all their ribbons for the work they put in all year round. They are proud to show them off and now you have somewhere to hang them!

Made with 1/32" Painted Carbon Steel for the sign and 3/32" Carbon Steel Strips for the frame work welded together. 

Sizes made to order for how many ribbon holders you would like. Prices may vary. You can order this type of Ribbon Holder here and just tell us what you want up top on the sign.

Please call Harry or leave us a message in the contact area! You can leave an order, ask about shipping or tell us to call you! Ask a few questions or a bunch! Our number is 570-945-4129 if you would rather talk to someone in person! 8:00 am - 4:30 pm EST Monday thru Friday !